Your own fear stops you from ultra marathons

Like Jealousy, fear is created in our heads. I have often heard a quote “ You are your own limitation”. This is so true. Very often, we do not accept change.  We are filled with fear. Have I made the right decision ?  Why did I quit my job ? What if my business sinks ?

Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? When you actually think about the worst case scenario, you will realize that there are very few risks that you can’t overcome.  Besides, the fear within us is created because we do not have the courage to trust ourselves .  We are so wrapped in results that we stop enjoying the process.

A year ago, after having done several marathons and ultra marathons, I bravely decided to attempt a 100 km run. From the minute I took that decision, I was plagued with fear. Have I taken the right decision? Will be able to train for such a goal? How can I , as a woman and an older one at that, attempt to do what younger guys are training for ? There were so many doubts in my mind when we started our training.  I would lay awake in the night, dreading a long 6 hour run the next day.  My coach took me aside one day and told me “ Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen ? You will not complete the run. But you made a brave attempt. Braver than most people would even dare to imagine. Success or failure is not a destination. Enjoy the trainings”.

It opened up a whole new perspective for me.  I truly started enjoying  every  training run . I realized that nobody is judging me. I could run when I wanted, stop when I needed to and just learn to enjoy every training as a new experience. Heat, rain, shine. It really did not matter . Every run was enjoyable simply because I freed my mind of self doubts.  I successfully completed a 100 kms.  It was just a culmination of months of fun training, making wonderful friends and setting your mind free of what could go wrong on Race day.

You don’t need to be a world changer. Just make a small change in your world