You are never too old, too late or too sick to run…

Have you often looked at marathons and the runners participating and wished that you had what it takes to be part of it all? How do they do it? And could you someday own this rush, this glorious and effortless triumph of will over body and mind? The good news is that you can!

To get there is an organic process. It starts slow with a tiny step in the right direction and is entirely dependent on you. The first and sometimes only battle is with the mind and the silencing of a thousand unimportant voices that tell you, you can’t do it.

Start with a small run- walk pattern. Enjoy the lovely outdoors. Slowly train your body to run more and walk less.  The adrenaline hooks you in so deep that before you know it you’re running small distances effortlessly with a foolish grin that others can’t decipher, an insignia to yourself of having made it. And to think that all it took was convincing yourself that your body was built for the run.

Follow the 10 tips listed below, you will get into the swing of running. Your body tones up and slims down in response to the exercise. Side effects of which include unbridled confidence, and this new you, that’s bursting with health.

  1. Buy good shoes
    2. Take it slow
    3. Ease into running with interval training
    4. Warm up first
    5. Use correct running technique
    6. Run with others
    7. Keep an exercise diary
    8. Add strength exercises to the mix
    9. Add a cool-down period after exercise
    10. Stretch after running

So chase down that dream and get all the help that you can with our Training Program. Click here to download it.