Year 2015- About workouts and more

Contours has been in the fitness business for almost a decade now . While we have been successful in transforming the lives of many women in Bangalore and across India, we have learnt a lot from our members.

  1. Being a women only space, it has been very easy to create deep relationships and bonds with our members. We have been able to create a fun and affectionate atmosphere across our gyms
  2. Women love group workouts. We have realized that group workouts motivate each one of them to perform their best.
  3. Over the decade we have implemented various types of workouts like pyramid workouts, swiss  ball sessions, cardio core, boot camps, cardio crush, toning circuit , outdoor workouts  and a whole lot of other exercises. We have created a variety which most gyms do not offer
  4. Gyms are normally heavily dependant on machines. While machines are good for your cardio and strength, they have limitations. They are also repetitive . We are one of the few gyms that have done away with dependence on machines. We offer workouts which a personal trainer would design for a client, without charging anything extra for it.
  5. We also learnt that despite our best efforts to motivate , some of our members are not motivated enough to attend gym sessions regularly, leading to discontinuation of memberships. We will continue to work on fixing this issue.
  6. We have delivered fitness to every member But we have not delivered weight loss to each and every one. This is because weight loss is dependent on member’s genetics and lifestyle too. We will continue to work on increasing our success rate here


To all our wonderful members, we wish you a Happy and Healthy 2016. Thank you for the wonderful journey with us