Workouts and Results

Workouts and Results

Workouts and Results

I have learnt a lot through my own workouts and training’s for marathons/ ultra marathons.  I have also learnt by observing and training members over close to a decade.  Here are some of my learning’s

  • People who workout or train regularly and love what they do are most successful
  • The human body is phenomenal . There is no limit to what it can achieve. Its your mind that needs to be strong.
  • Our bodies can be conditioned with consistent training to achieve seemingly impossible feats
  • Pushups are the best upper body workout. No machine can beat this workout and it can be done anywhere
  • Most people do not lift intensely enough to make stronger muscles
  • The older you get, the more you need to work on your muscles
  • Most people do not focus sufficiently on getting a healthy and clean diet
  • Throw away your whey protein. Eat plenty of meat and eggs
  • Muscle size does not relate to muscle strength. Most of the muscle is glycogen and water
  • New fads are created to sell more equipments to gyms. Simple body weight workouts, lifting, throwing, running has been there for hundreds of years and they still work
  • Aim high. Do not settle for mediocre. Try to achieve more than yesterday
  • Sugar is not our friend.
  • If you are losing more than 2 kilos per week, its not all fat
  • Training expertise comes by working with real people, not by downloading new fads from the internet
  • Take control of your life. No matter what life throws at you

Workouts and Results

– Chandra Gopalan
Contours India.

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Chandra Gopalan


30 Dec, 2015



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