Did Your New Year Weight Loss resolutions fail??? 

Its that time of the year again, when women start making weight loss resolutions

Yet, a study shows that less than 30% succeed in achieving their weight loss goals.

This is due to conflict of Interest. Did you join a gym or cut back calories as soon as you noticed the weight creeping on ?  Obviously not . Because you loved eating those goodies,  leading a lazy lifestyle . This is the person you are, hence you thought postponing that weight loss resolution to New Year is the ideal thing to do .

But what’s different about New Year ? You are the same person who loves the same things. On the contrary , a lot more weight has crept on and you have made this firm resolution to knock it off in a hurry. Sorry, but this is not going to work. Reason being, your goal is not realistic and secondly you cannot change your lifestyle and eating habits around New Year.  You will start with a bang, working out  everyday, eating right. But sooner or later, old habits creep in

Weight Loss resolutions

Photo credit: kkalyan via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

The sensible approach is to have very minimal goals. Something like

  • From today, I will get up 1 hour early and go to the gym
  • I will enjoy my workouts .
  • I will get back some health and fitness before thinking of losing weight
  • I will start cutting back on 1 sweet, 1 cigarette, 1 glass of alcohol per day
  • I will eat on time
  • I will eat out less frequently

Once you see these small victories happening, you will be motivated to work harder, eat cleaner and lose weight steadily. Read here to know how to stick to your New Year Resolutions. 

Happy New Year