Why do we need to avoid stimulants

Why do we need to avoid stimulants

Stimulants make us feel good, hence we get hooked on to them. But here is how they affect us
1. Caffeine- has its advantages and disadvantages. Your body needs energy during a workout. If have a cup of coffee before your workout, it slows down the glycogen burning process. Thereby, the body turns to fat for energy. This leads to a better fat burning workout but you may not necessarily get enough energy for an intense one. Caffeine interferes with your sleep, leading to poor recovery after a workout

2. Alcohol- affects your hydration, leading to slower muscle and brain function. It affects your cardiovascular system and reduces energy levels

3. Smoking- Nicotine stimulates the stress hormone- Cortisol. This leads to poor nutrient absorbtion and protein synthesis. Immunity drops making you prone to sickness. Lungs are harmed causing poor oxygen absorbtion, leading to a poor workout

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Chandra Gopalan


25 Nov, 2015

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