Why do seated jobs cause low back pain

We all sit too much because we are living in times when almost any work can be done through a computer or a mobile phone. The need to move is diminishing .

Sitting constantly impacts are hip mobility in 2 ways- it weakens the glutes and shortens our hip flexors. Both glutes and hip flexors activate your hip movement, so when they become inactive and weak due to constant sitting at a work desk , the lower back takes over

The lower back is part of the core. It is designed to provide stability and support and not take over the workload of the hip. When hip flexors and extenders become weak, all your bending movements ( like picking up an object from the floor) is done with the lower back. This strains it resulting in low back pain and connected knee pain too

Low back Pain

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The clamshell exercise, single leg bridge, glute raises are some exercises that strengthen and bring back hip mobility. More importantly, avoid sitting in one place for more than 30 minutes at a time. Stay away from low back pain