What is Functional Fitness training ?

Functional Fitness became the key offering across gyms a few years back. Gyms realized that body building is the desire of a chosen few and that most people exercise to improve the quality of their lives. If you are not a sports person or an athlete who needs skill training, you need functional fitness

So, what is Functional Fitness training ?

It is a training designed to train your muscles in a manner that makes it easy to perform everyday activities such as carrying heavy bags, lifting something from a shelf above, bending to pick up an item etc

Functional fitness exercises focus on multi joint movements using various muscles of the upper and lower body at the same time . Eg- The squat is a functional exercise that trains your muscles to rise up and down from a chair and pick up low objects. When you train functionally, you tend to distribute load by activating several muscles. Eg- Instead of your forearm and elbow taking the load of a weight that you pick up , you will activate shoulders, spine, hips, knees etc