Walk lead to running and no looking back. 

I  have been into walking for a long time. Initially it was for weight loss.  I was into athletics at school and all of a sudden with work  came weight . With walk & diet I shed 25 kilos and have kept it off. On an average I started doing 8-10 kms walk everyday from 2013. Along with weight loss, the walk /exercise made me feel good…the happy positive feeling. It became important part of morning for me so much that I used to go for walks with raincoat during monsoon. 2015 Jan I decided to start running more as a personal aim. I started with 4 kms then  my friend suggested Pinkathon 2015. I managed 8 kms run with walk in btw. That was the shift in gear. My brother told me to out an Oct target for 10. In between my cousin suggested Ultra( 12.5) & immediately post that he suggested joining the RH season . There has been no looking back since. The sense of achievement, the understanding  & respect  you give your body and a sense of building self confidence and bonus benefits you get  with the high of running. This is something  everyone must try.It is one thing you actually do for yourself

– Prabha