Train like a man in the gym

I used to workout in a gym, before starting the Contours chain in India. This gym had a separate weight training section for men and women. The logic behind this, as per their management, was that women need different weight training when compared to men. I used to lift heavy weights and I recall that many women members used to warn me against bulking up. Eventually, I started working out in the men’s section to get the desired overload

Men have 15 times more testosterone when compared to women. Yet, even for a man it is difficult to bulk up. The relative increase in muscle strength is the same in men and women, when you start a strength training program. Its just that men start off with more muscle mass and more strength. This is a biological factor

With proper muscle training, women can build up to 85% muscle as a man who does the same training. The 15% difference is due to the additional fat that women naturally carry

Train like a man

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So, train like a man. Forget the weight on the scale. You will look slim and well toned even at 65 kgs . More importantly, you will feel the best that you have ever felt in your life.

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Ms. Chandra Gopalan
Contours India