Our health is not only our physical well being but also our emotional one. The body and mind need to work in tandem to achieve total health and thereby the happiness we all seek. All the wealth in the world cannot give you the happiness you seek if your body and mind are racked by ill health.

What is emotional health?  We are aware about mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, and other conditions. But being emotionally healthy also means managing day-to-day issues like stress, making and keeping friendships, changing bad habits, and an ability to have fun, all of which can have an impact on your physical health.

Many of us, women especially, have the irrational belief that caring for ourselves or putting our own mental and emotional health first is selfish. Others may just ignore their feelings and stressors and hope they just go away. However, they usually don’t — and at some point, unaddressed emotional problems often result in serious consequences, from illness to relationship problems to harmful behavior.

Here are some tips for emotional well being:

  • Exercise. It protects physical and emotional health, relieves stress, and makes you feel good.
  • Make time for irrelevant things. You don’t have to be constantly on the go — that’s how you get run down. Spend a little time each week doing something you enjoy that is completely frivolous. For example watch  a silly movie, chat on the phone, play a game, or just listen to music.
  • Spend some time in the sun. Sunlight is a great natural way to boost your mood.
  • Deal with your emotions. Do not bottle them up
  • Be healthy inside. Avoid junk food and stick to a healthy diet. You should also avoid smoking, drug use, and too much alcohol.
  • Treat yourself. Do little things that make you happy and stimulate your senses, like lighting a scented candle, buying some fresh-cut flowers or a massage
  • Sleep. Get enough sleep. Or treat yourself to a nap every now and then.
  • Be creative. Spend some time learning new things, like a new language or a new skill.
  • Adopt an animal. Pets offer fun, relaxation, and a whole lot of love.


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31 Jul, 2018

Health,  Women


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