Media campaigns often create negative self image in women.

Working in a women only gym , we come across hundreds of women every day. It is frightening to see the devastating effect that media campaigns have on them.

We are bombarded with visual images of thin models and celebrities with that perfect figure, hair and skin , everyday. Thanks to this, most women who come to us, have negative self images, lowered self esteem and ridiculous eating habits. They have one thing in common- the quest for that elusive perfect figure

A young girl, aged 24 years, walked in the other day to enquire about our memberships. She looked underweight and unhappy. Our body analyzer confirmed that she was at least 5 kgs below her ideal weight for her height, BMI was low and her fat percentage was dangerously low. She had a picture of  Shradha Kapoor. All she wanted from the gym was to get a figure like Shradha. She is not in the modeling business. She is a young girl on the threshold of a promising career in the software industry

Perfection is a myth. It does not exist in human appearance. The good news is that you can change your body shape and size by being physically active and eating clean. What you need to change is your self perception. Be size positive. Work towards being healthy and fit.

When will we come to our senses, reject size prejudice, accept a wider range of shapes and sizes, and focus on health rather than weight? We each can do our part to bring about this healthful change.