The king of core workouts- PLANK

The plank is one of the best workouts to improve core strength and get flat abs. Why is the plank workout so popular with fitness trainers?

The main work of the abdominals is to stop motion and not start it. The plank stops the spine from moving, thereby training the Abs exactly for what they are meant to do. The plank maintains the stability of the core muscles, thereby ensuring an erect spine and proper posture alignment. Planks are great for strengthening the hips and shoulder too. This workout does not load the spine like sit ups, hence can be done by people with disk problems too.

There are several variations of the plank like the side plank, plank jacks, alternate planks, single leg plank, Hand plank , spider plank etc. This basic workout can be made tougher and tougher as your fitness progresses. Instead of increasing the time per plank beyond 3 minutes, its best to do a variety of planks

Our abdominals are supposed to work isometrically. The plank does exactly this. Most importantly, the plank gets you to be much stronger to do other Ab workouts