Workout has lead me to lead a healthy, happier life

Workout has lead me to lead a healthy, happier life

I  have been at Contours since 8 months now and have been a witness to many of the changes that the gym has offered.

The manager Srushti, is always writing up motivational things on the board that everyone sees when they enter the gym as well as training tips anf health tips which people read during the break.

Since joining this training program, I have lost a fair amount of weight and have been in a better shape. The gym has become my second home as its more of a lifestyle now. Workout has lead me to lead a healthy, happier life as I feel if you look good you feel good. The style of training in the gym has so much of variety which is amazing. One gets to know a lot about about nutrition and balanced diet. I really enjoy gut-wrenching bootcamp sessions and toning sessions.

The trainers Darshna and Payal, take you through a set of achievable exercises and then increase the challenge. They are aware of the need to develop new goals and test your limits. They are friendly, encouraging and help to have a positive impact on work-out.

Dr. Riddhi Bhatt- Contours Vadodara

Chandra Gopalan


07 Jul, 2016


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