Geetha Lokesh

Workout has helped me a lot to reduce my health problems

Workout has helped me a lot to reduce my health problems

Contours is a blessing given to women who wants to be proud of her self. Really for me it is a wonderful blessing. It has made lots of changes in my life.

I had lots of health problems like back pain, knee problems. Because of these problems i joined here. It has really helped me a lot and all my health problems has come down. I am really proud of join Contours. Really it is a miracle. I have lot sin inches, i can make out am really very very very happy about Contours.

The trainers are very friendly and our madam also. Madam is a wonderful and kind hearted person. They all train us very well and look after us like their family member. With lots of love and affection. I really enjoy the 2 hrs in the evening with the trainers. I love to go to gym and do the workouts. They celebrate all the festivals and do some entertaining programs which give us inspiration to become slim and be proud to be a woman. Hats off to our madam and the trainers as well who are very special to all of us. Because of them only we people go and get trained and enjoy the workout. Really they help us a lot. According to our health problems they train us, with the exercises and make us comfortable in all the ways. The trainers with full patience love and affection. They put all their efforts to mould us out. Am really very very thankful to our madam and trainers to, help us out from our health problems and shape our body in a better way.

Geetha Lokesh

The house keeping is very good. That lady is also very friendly. Our gym is very well maintained, very clean and well organised as well. I really love my gym and enjoy my workout time. I had joined only for 3 months but after i found lots of changes in my health and  body i again renewed for one year. Really am very very very very happy for our trainers and madam.

-Geetha Lokesh,
Contours Kormangala, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


30 Dec, 2015


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