Womens Gym

I am Kalyani. I am 51 years old. I was searching for a women’s gym in Bangalore. When I saw the gym near my house, I felt so happy. I found my “Contours” – the exclusive women’s gym. I am a member of R.T Nagar Contours for the past five years. The gym’s environment and facilities is very enabling. The gym workouts helped in improving my overall health, especially to burn calories to control my diabetes and keep fit. The regular work out offers a sense of being fit which is essential for my hectic life style as a working woman. The management and staff are supportive and helpful. While the gym provides the facilities and space for us to do our workouts, I realized over the last 5 years that we also need to be disciplined in our diet and exercise routines to get the maximum benefit.

RT Nagar Member, Bangalore

Chandra Gopalan


27 Mar, 2015


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