Women at Contours from varied walks of life

Women at Contours from varied walks of life

A note of thanks and appreciation to Contours . It was with much trepidation that I went for an annual checkup after 8 years. I was fearing some bad readings and hoping that I would be able to handle it. It was such a surprise and joy that I came home with a clean bill of health. Some of the readings are definitely a result of exercise.

In this aspect Contours has been the place that has kept me going, providing me with wonderful workouts in a spotless gym and a very happy environment. Heartfelt thanks to Contours, I could not have done this on my own I am sure of this . All you people at Contours are super great but a special mention to Priscli at the Cambridge Layout branch. I have been really irregular because of many health and family crises. Priscli has called with amazing and heartwarming regularity at every break. She has called to find ouContourst if things were ok because I had not turned up for more than a week and spoken in a friendly but professional manner encouraging me to resume and adding that she hoped to see me soon, when I would fail to turn up despite repeated promises she always kept calling , encouraging and subtly prodding me on. Her voice in the gym and the telephone is always soft but firm and calm. Whether she is taking a group work out or training an individual, she gives a 100 percent, encouraging coaxing and pushing each of us to do better, to finish each set. I am not saying the others are not great . Each of the trainers take immense interest and do really a wonderful job in conducting workouts answering calls and running the show, they work with dedication in a well knit team . GOD bless .

My HDL and triglycerides readings are better today than they were 8 years ago and the GP said he has not seen these numbers for a long time in his patients . My children also say I look the happiest and nicest when I come back from Gym and Zumba at Swingers. In fact your gym training has helped me at Zumba . Mahesh, who is the the Zumba instructor puts in fairly demanding arm and abs workouts, cardio bursts and lunge and squat sessions and I must say with pride and thanks to Contours that I am able to keep up when others much younger give up , that is really the Contours workouts proving th
eir effectiveness. You are a huge inspiration and thank you for Contours. An extra special thanks for the boot camps at Cubbon park. How many gym directors and trainers will make the effort to do something as wonderful as this?
. I hope many other women will join this wonderful gym. It is never to late to improve one’s health, fitness strength, endurance and stamina. If you step into Contours they will show you the way and you will enjoy the journey not wanting to ever miss a workout.”

Jyoti Kalapa (Contours Ulsoor)

Chandra Gopalan


26 May, 2015


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