Women can workout in comfort

Any Body Can Loose Weight …Up to Targeted KGs..! So workout

Hello, I am Chandni Thakkar, 23 years old girl. A Year back I was like ” A GOLU MOLU ” girl who never worried about her heavy weight n body-fat. And I never did any kind of workout or exercise. Then one day I found or I can say luck by chance I found CONTOURS – WOMEN’S FITNESS STUDIOS. I started my journey called “The Mission Fitness” with Contours.Many troubles came on my way. Like even I didn’t know how to do aerobics. But I never given up. I really thankful to Contours’ Trainers because they made me able to this workouts.

The best thing about Contours is – it is only for women where they can workout in comfortable, friendly atmosphere without any fear. Actually, the belief that only men can do the gym workouts is totally wrong. Women can workout also. The second thing is – Programs provided here like FITNESS, TONING, WEIGHT LOSS. I have never found such programs in any gym. The total body shaping target can be achieved from here. And the last but not the least is – Manager and trainers of the contours. They are very helpful, kind, friendly and keeps attention on every member.

The extra programs like – Zumba, Boot camp and Group workout are also beneficial. You can see the results on your body.

Weight loss process takes time, checks your patience but I personally suggest please never give up. Do not stop until you done. You can loose up to many kgs like me. I loose weight up to 15 – 16 kgs in a year.


My Suggestions to girls and women who want to loose weight :

1. Include “WALKING” to your daily routine. – It’s a part of cardio activity.
2. Drink more “WATER” as much as you can during whole day.
3. Adopt habit of drinking “GREEN TEA” at least once in a day.
4. Don’t stop eating. Eat more “VEGGIES & FRUITS” than the junk food. I suggest to avoid eating junk food or you can bound a limit to it.
5. Never skip your “BREAKFAST” or any meal. Eat Breakfast like “The King”, Lunch like “The Prince”, and Dinner like “The Pauper”.
6. Rest your body. Do not do too much exercise in one day.
7. Make a “NOTE” everyday in which you will keep record of whatever you eat in whole day. Then you realize that how much Calories you are taking per day.
8. Start drinking “LEMON WATER” as a tonic juice. It will help in weight loss as well as good skin tone.
9. Take “FOOD” that includes more Fiber, Protein, and Vitamins.

Key Rules need to be remembered :

1. The Four Pillars : “Food – Workout- Sleep – Positive Attitude”. These will lead you towards your target.
2. Dieting does not mean that “Not to Eat” rather it means “Eat Healthy Food” as much as you can.

NOTE : If you are a girl or a woman who just love to eat more & more then for you I have a “GURU MANTRA” : “EITHER TAKE LESS CALORIES OR START MORE BURNING THEM”.

Thanks to Contours Vadodara Team..!!
– Chandni.

Chandra Gopalan


02 Jul, 2015


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