When being FIT is the only way to get to your AIM

1st Jan 2017, an entry to the new year to-do-list was written, plans to go for Chadar Trek,Ladakh.
I wanted to see myself under the magnanimous Nerak water fall (the end point of Chadar trek).

It was all set, the only thing missing was a fit version of mine. I was 82kgs back then, which means I would lead myself straight into a death trap during the trek (It’s the wildest trek in India) I decided to give myself a year to reach a healthy state of mind, body and soul. The month of Jan, 2017 I ran, walked, starved but not much effect on my stubborn body.
So, I decided to join a gym (women’s only since you can do everything without being conscious and with comfort). At Contour’s, first meet they made me familiar with all sorts of exercises and answered patiently all my queries and concerns.The instructors motivated and helped me to lose weight, be fit, and increase my core strength and stamina. Anything you ask and they are ready with answers.

Please note: They won’t let you go easily without completing the counts of work outs. The fat loss regime worked wonders on my body.Bungee jumps, squats, jumping jacks, pushups, knee ups, frog jumps, workout with weights, swiss ball, resistance tube, name any, they made me do everything. So within a year from a lethargic 82kg human I became a 67kg super active person. Oh yes, it was not an easy task since PCOD weighed me down. But now I am cured not with medicines only exercise. Being a Bengali born, I have the license to eat hell lot of sweets and fish. The best thing was Contour’s didn’t ask me cut down my precious food. “Eat everything within a limit and exercise regularly” was all the instructors said. I knew I was ready for the trek but still I was nervous. My trek dates were 3rd Feb to 12th Feb, 2018.

During the trek my oxygen level was always more than 95 mm Hg at an altitude of 12000ft. As per the trek leader this exhibits a very good level of fitness. I would easily climb up and run down the mountains, walk on frozen river for 105km without getting tired. I survived at -25 degrees. While others where grasping for breathe I was singing out loud the whole trek. I was actually amazed to see the control I had over my body. We had to walk in Penguin style on the ice sheet and I fell only four times. Believe me it’s a good score. While exercising, doing crunches or weight lifting and much more, we feel the pain in our muscles. The whole trek I had a 9kg bag pack on my back. It pained a lot but I had already been through that pain, so I loved it. That pain was worth it. Every single moment spent sweating during work out was worth the effort.

The feeling can’t be explained….reaching to this final point of Chadar trek- 70 feet tall magnificent Frozen Nerak waterfall, pushing yourself through -25 degrees with all the risks and strenuous effort, low oxygen levels, different set of emotions with every single step, when the Chadar is broken at multiple points scaring the shit out of you and finally crossing mountains to adore this beasty beauty. Chadar Trek gave me some best memories of my life. Truly said it’s not a trek, it’s an experience to have.
Blessed by the wandering spirits. And after a year’s membership I am back again to Contour’s to get ready for my next trek:

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22 Mar, 2018


Aparna Krishnan

/26 Mar, 2019

I wish to get in strength and improve my body stamina.

Please advise on the package that would be suited to my needs.

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