1) I am with contours since 5 yrs..
2) I expected it to be like any other gym with threadmill.. elliptical and stationary bikes activities where in u spend more time with the machines than with ur own body..
3)I took a lot of time to get back giving reasons and pushing myself ,despite many calls from contours with lots of offers coz the only reason tat held me back was “people telling me tat u will gain twice ur weight once u discontinue” well I learnt my lessons and got a satisfactory answer from my self study and survey..
4) Well my journey with Contours was an exciting one which keeps me on for 5 yrs and still counting.. I enjoy my workouts and the boot camps..which motivates me to push myself , special thanks to my lovely trainerRaji and all other trainers. I fall short of space to list them out..
5) Contours has given me a lot. When it comes to my health and fitness.I am asthamatic and would suffer almost any seasonal change and these cardios have really helped me strengthen my immune system and also my
lung capacity.. I have been able to lose my weight and also I feel energetic and postive the entire day after a hearty workout.. it’s become a part of my life. Now no gudbyes to all those trendy dresses which was always my wish to
wear and flaunt.. Thanks to contours..

Pixel Mattic


31 Jan, 2019


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