A phenomenal transformation

11 Kgs overweight, borderline obese and recovering from a Knee ligament surgery, thats how I joined contours. Its been 6 months here and I have had a phenomenal transformation.

So why did I take a leap of faith with Contours?
Experienced Trainers – Check
Gym Cleanliness – Check
Innovative Routines – Check
Client Specific Training and Attention- Check
Diet Advise – Check

Fast forward 6 months,, My leg is almost back to normalcy considering I used
to have a noticeable limp before. Also, I have lost half of my excess weight. I enjoy my work outs out here. Without sounding cliched, I can safely say that trainers and the management
are extremely supportive and motivating. In my case, since I had a surgery the trainers took special care to ensure that i slowly build on my training intensity coupled with functional routines and stretching to aid recovery.

Since a large part of a weight loss program’s success depends on the diet, I took special care to
avoid junk food, fried food, sweets (this was tough) and rice. Lean meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, brown rice and Roti’s formed a big part of my diet.
If I do end up eating junk or oily food, I would always follow it up with a green tea since it has a cleansing effect on the body. All and all, it has been an arduous but fun journey.

Thanks to everyone who have been part of my transformation.

-Fouzia Akther
RT Nagar Member, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


27 Mar, 2015


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