Instructors keep correcting your technique

I Joined Contours initially since I wanted to save time by joining a gym close to work. But it was one of the best decisions of my life. The best part was that it was specially meant for a woman’s body and addressed all the parts of the body where we tend to accumulate fat the most. This is lacking in many of the mixed gyms where they try to teach the same exercise to men and women. Also in other places, once they teach you something, they don’t teach you anything else and pretty much ignore you. This is definitely not the case here. They keep changing the exercise every three months due to which you don’t reach body plateau .

Moreover, instructors keep correcting your technique and posture periodically which is required to get the maximum benefit. Also you have no waiting time for machines due to which you can come at any time of the day. I other places, you have to wait sometimes for a long time for machines during rush hour. In that way, the change station concept is simply brilliant. The music is also fun and lively. I also love all the group workouts done here. They address each and every part of the body. The instructors are also very friendly and answer each and every silly question. I would definitely have continued here. But I have to move to another city for higher studies where contours is not there at the moment. I feel very sad for it, but I give my 100% recommendation to anyone who wants to come here since it is scientific m fun and stimulating.

– Bhavani.S

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17 Jul, 2017


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