I’ll never stop gymming

Gymming + maintaining diet Is the only main combination to lose weight

“This worship of food has robbed us of emotional stability, healthy lifestyle and clothing”

I have always been an active person gymming , dancing & growing up. However over the years I noticed my body began to change. I have never been overweight until for that one year which gained me around 8 kgs! Thanks to that end of my College life, I therefore gained weight due to change in my lifestyle . I loved to eat though — especially junk food. I would consume cake, ice cream, chips and candy. I ate it all and I ate it a lot. I have always been gymming though. Thanks to Contours India Jayamahal. Well I v grown up gymming in contours Working out, know the queen of aerobics & hulahoops . Contours is women’s only gym, No 1 women’s only gym in India. I love the workout because it has circuit training, a combination of strength training & cardio. There are no gyms in India which deliver this unique workout concept actually originated in the U.S. I was always well maintained, skinny, 49 kgs.

Since I was already gymming over years & regular to Contours for almost 7 years, yet it was a very difficult challenge for me to shed down , 8 kgs which caused me to be overweight for my height! I was 62.3 then!

My lifestyle after Perusing my MBA was only eat lots , sleep, not have my food on time . But  I was still gymming. It didn’t work for me! This was a difficult task for me, to focus on my goal an achieve what I wanted to look like .

Contours helped me achieve it! The only place in the world, my 2 home … It gave back my confidence, my focus, motivation & the most important thing faith in myself to never give up. I started concentrating on my lifestyle, changed my sleeping & eating habits, I started being regular , working very hard & focused to the gym & my workouts!

Gymming in contours + maintaining diet Is the only main combination to lose weight! Not only those 8 kgs, I have lost 10 kgs over  8 months an I weigh 52 again . Back to my original figure & body…. I’m still,  on my way to losing weight & counting the no. I’ll never stop gymming , because I want to be healthy & fit. An it’s part of my lifestyle & my passion


I therefore bring about how important it is to stay fit, not only in physical appearance. There’s something called body age, skin age ! Staying fit & healthy helps us achieve high metabolism, skin age, body age actually lesser than our age, healthy lifestyle, mental stability, desired figure, strength & keeps us away from diseases. That’s how it is suppose to be! I’m sure I popped a question out to you guys!

If your looking out to shed that excess weight, than there’s no better place for you other than contours. Don’t worry, go visit contours studio close by to You.

My fitness tip – you are in competition with nobody but your self.

– Ayesha Sharief, Contours Jayamahal, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


21 Sep, 2015


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