I joined Contours with the same thought

I joined CONTOURS with the same thought but still wanted to lose weight and get fit:

Frankly speaking I was not very fond of working out especially in gym as I felt its very boring, monotonous and routine. I joined CONTOURS with the same thought but still wanted to lose weight and get fit. Its been 1 year in Contours HSR and I feel myself enjoying here. Gym now has become a lifestyle rather than a hobby/work.

The main advantage here in contours is we as a women need not to be conscious about our postures/dress while we are working out as its women only gym unlike Unisex gym. Not only that you see lot of other women who are in the same boat as your’s : ‘to lose weight/ to get fit‘. This is more of a motivation for you and you feel that in this tough journey of weight loss you are not alone. There are women of all age here. My age is 25 years. 

The trainers in contours are very friendly and highly trained they give personal attention to each one of you. The group classes which they conduct are the best for the body sculpting and even the core exercises. To add on that we have our physiotherapist available any time in gym. They motivate you each day to increase your fitness level. They also provide the personalized diet charts for every individual based on your food habits, which help you to eat right and according to your body type.

 I have found results in terms of weight loss and inch loss followed by a proper diet. My skin tone has improved. I feel healthy and more confident about myself. The time that I spend in gym is the time for myself. I feel my day is incomplete without working out in gym.

 I would like to thank contours which changed my perspective about gym and also helping me to lead a healthy lifestyle by making me fit.

Do remember these sayings “Fitness is not losing 6kgs in 3 months, It’s a lifestyle”.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else….  Its about being better than you used to be”

“TRUST THE PROCESS: eat clean, trust yourself, make good choices, be patient with yourself and work hard”

Thanks & Regards,
Arpitha BN,
– Contours HSR, Bangalore



Chandra Gopalan


04 Feb, 2016


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