I am life-member of this fitness center now.

I am life-member of this fitness center now.

A diabetic for more than 15 years with a past of wheezing problems, exercise and the right diet has been my solace. My doctors warned me about administering insulin if I didn’t get my sugar levels in control. I was obese and had to lose a minimum of 20 kgs. I then frantically looked for gyms back in 2003. I found a unisex gym close to where I lived and stepped on to the conventional treadmills and cycling to drastically lose weight.

It took me about 3 years to lose about 10 kgs. There was a change in management and the gym closed down eventually.

This was when my daughter and I came across ‘Contours Fitness in 2010 right across the lane we live. We walked in for a trial class to gain the new experience of the 29 minute work out. The best part was it was all women run by physiotherapists. It looked unconventional and we wondered if it would help us with our goals. We decided to try it and chose a 3 month membership to experience the new place. My weight gradually reduced and my sugar levels slowly stabilised within normal limits. My doctor was very happy with my weight and sugar control. I have no complaints of wheezing today. The combination workout – 29 minute circuit training and group classes for toning  were amazing. The energy levels increased after every workout in the gym. That marked the beginning and I am life-member of this fitness center now.

The fitness workouts at Contours have helped me a lot in not just maintaining my health but also living my dreams. I was amazed with myself when I could accomplish my challenging wish lists which included a trip to Mt. Kailash back in 2011coping tough weather conditions and walking 56 km in the mountains ; trek to a holy place in the south -Sathuragiri Hills near Madurai successfully climbing 15 kms up the hilly forest more than 5 times now.

A glimpse at the Contours culture, trainers are very friendly, monitor members on a routine basis and give personal attention. The trainers call members if they have not been regular and ensure they get back to their exercising regime. I would recommend Contours Fitness to all the women I know as it is a great place to rejuvenate and unwind.

Health is the only treasure we all have – Safeguard it…

-Choodamani Anand,
Contours Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


18 Feb, 2016


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