How exercise helped me lose weight

Being active and exercising helps me to maintain my weight

Exercise for me in any form works – be it jogging, playing a sport, aerobics or yoga. My body would reciprocate well when I am active and once I become passive I could add up those extra kilos easily.  During my college days and soon after my marriage I remained on the overweight side due to my sedentary lifestyle. I easily slid down to obese category during my pregnancy when I was 95 kg and was not my best self. My husband’s worst nightmare was that I would skyrocket to three digit number soon.

My soul motivation to initiate and keep me going through my weight loss journey was my husband.  He noticed that doing yoga at home or mere walk around my house would not work wonders for me as I was on the heavier side.  I realized as a mom, it is important for me to keep up the steady and healthy state by shedding those excess kilos in the first place.  This can be achieved only by working up a good sweat and keeping the energy levels high.

My husband suggested couple of gyms nearby and we zeroed in Contours Fitness  Studio specialized only for women. We thought Contours would be the best choice since I wanted to sweat out the real way by exercising rather than merely melting down the fat with machines like treadmills and sauna.  At Contours I found step aerobics and circuit training very effective.

I was fortunate to have a very supportive physical trainer who trained me for about a year with diverse exercise routines that are personalized and challenging, but not more than I could handle.

I realized that weight loss is possible with exercise and clean diet. Initially I had cut down consumption of food that was colored white such as white rice, white bread, milk, curd and sugar. Instead I would take red rice, brown bread and roti’s. To rev up metabolism I included green tea with honey and flaxseeds in my diet.  Having rice in the night was a strict NO for me. I do eat junk food now and then, but would work a little harder in the gym the following day.  I never believe in fad diet as it always backfires for me as deprivation urges me to eat more. I try to burn those extra calories without strain but with fun by playing soccer or any of my son’s favorite games. I also make it a point to always take the stairs and find household activities as major calorie burners.

I touched 70 kg exactly after a year. I dint realize how soon I lost all that extra weight. My biggest challenge now is to lose the last 5 kilos to reach my ideal weight and maintaining it thereafter – believe me it sounds easy but it is a big dealJ.  At present I have hit a major plateau and am stuck between 69-70 kg for more than 7 months and now I am trying to break the plateau with all my might J and looking forward to stabilize at 68 kg.

The best part about weight loss is that it not only makes you look good externally but also makes you feel good internally.  Never let the weighing scale disappoint you. Every single kg lost is a success by itself. Be positive and don’t let the plateau take over you as it is definitely possible to break it…only if you think you can. Weight loss is a race within you. Hence, you must constantly motivate yourself in your mind by saying “YOU CAN DO IT!!!”.

– Swapna Raj
Contours Chennai

Chandra Gopalan


23 Nov, 2015


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