Gym offers a sense of family

Gym offers a sense of family

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for a long time, much longer than necessary. This was due to my own stubbornness, negative attitude towards exercise, and a ton of excuses. What Contours gave me was a swift kick on the butt, with love, care and understanding. What came next was my own willingness to change. Once the mental change happened, the physical change came naturally. I began to follow the nutrition plan and followed my work-outs as suggested by my trainers.

OMG! What happened next was amazing, the weight fell off. Guess what! I lost about 6.5 Kgs and 22 & 1/2 inches in 2 & 1/2 Months. I had been fighting with myself for years, and by having a made-up-mind, the weight came off in weeks.

The gym is nothing like the big chains. It’s small in comparison but unlike those facilities, this gym offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends.

I have increased energy, I’m physically stronger, all my old clothes fit me well and I have muscles where there were none. I will never go back to my old ways, old attitude or old body.

I love me all over again. Thank you Tulsi and Rachna, you guys are angels in disguise.

Deepika Sethumadhavan. (Contours Ulsoor Member)

Chandra Gopalan


20 May, 2015


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