The gym has 360 degree of the entire fitness- Neeta

I had heard about contours when it was launched in baroda for the first time in 2012 through a colleague of mine who was one of the first members of the gym. From that moment itself I had a kind of fascination for it as it had highlighted itself quite differently from the other existing fitness centers.

But then as the saying goes everything happens at the right time I got the opportunity to join contours in the March 2014. The moment I put my foot in the gym I could feel the energy and the spirit and I knew that I would be here for quite some time of course I had put on quite a few extra kilo to shed as a target for myself and more for the trainers.

This is one when I look forward to do gymming and don’t realize how time flies and yes I do miss it dearly whenever I am not able to make it because of my commitments. This is my ongoing fifth month in the center and still I find something new to work out and learn every month.

During these 4 months I realize that regimes planned for the members in the gym has 360 degree coverage of the entire fitness. Either in fitness program or weight loss the trainer see to it that you burn enough calories in short period followed by toning and stretches. What I found most helpful is the circuit training alternate machine and aerobics on rebounders.

Not that I have anything against male gender but working out in a women fitness center gives an altogether different comfort zone with personal attention of the trainers correcting you whenever we do it wrong. Not to forget to mention that lovely friends I have made here in this short period of 4 months and each one of them has a wonderful story to say about how they dealt with the weight loss. The fun frolic, jokes and sometimes bantering and all these together with sweating out and burn calories makes ambience of the gym and that’s what makes it different.

I and contours have a long way to go…

– Neeta Kanani
Vadodara member.



29 Sep, 2014


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