At the gym I feel fit and energetic- Bernadette

It has been a long association with Contours and me…almost 7 years.

Before I joined the gym, I had gone on a diet and had lost about 20 Kgs. Then I decided to join a gym to maintain my weight.

I did not realise at that time that joining the gym was not just to loose weight or to maintain it but to keep fit.  I enjoy going to the gym because I feel fit and energetic.

I often go to Ooty to my parents home.  In the beginning, I used to feel tired and exhausted climbing a steep or even walking uphill.  When I visited Ooty again after nearly 9 months and walked uphill without much of an effort, I realised what Contours did to me!

I feel thrilled that at this age (53) I can do certain exercises better than the youngsters working out along with me.

For me keeping fit is a motivation. Being on the other side of the scale doesn’t really bother me.

Thank you Contours and thank you Chetna for this motivation which I call FITNESS.

– Bernadette Varma
Jayamahal Gym- Bangalore



29 Sep, 2014


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