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I’ve been a runner with the Runner’s High group for the past 2 years. I was a couch potato until then and running helped identify my full potential. After completing several half marathons I had the audacity to want to participate in a full marathon at the age of almost 53! But for me to accomplish this I needed to get fitter and that’s when I decided to join Contours gym a few months back.

It’s very different from other gyms. Besides being a Women’s Only gym there are no treadmills here! We do circuit training and toning exercises based on our fitness level. And these exercises are changed on a monthly basis to keep our body challenged! They also have qualified physiotherapists to help us recover from any muscle related injuries.

What I really like about this gym is the personal attention that all of us get without the atrocious cost of a personal trainer. They make sure I maintain correct form while doing the exercises and this has helped me to be injury free despite my age and lack of fitness before I joined the gym. Chandra, the Director of Contours and a Runner’s High Coach, being an ultra runner herself and my biggest inspiration and role model, was able to customize the exercise routines most beneficial to runners.

Thanks to Chandra, Susan, Kokila and all the trainers at Contours I’m now fitter than I was 30 years ago and hope to complete my first full marathon on Nov 23, 2014! And I went from being the fattest among my parents and sisters to being the fittest :).

Indira Viswanathan
Koramangala, Bangalore

Chandra Gopalan


14 Jan, 2015


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