Thanks to exercise, my osteoarthritis and thyroid reduced significantly

 Thanks to exercise, my osteoarthritis and thyroid reduced significantly :

I enrolled at contours gym 4 years ago with weight loss as my primary goal. Not only did I achieve my goal but with help of very efficient and affectionate staff at contours I was able to even surpass my anticipated goal considerably . I lost 20kgs in 7- 8months.

I continue my regimen of circuit training at contours which is so much more than just an exercise centre for me. I have good friend who are both exercise buddies and friends for life. The gym has over time become a place, where all of us , staff and members, share are individual and collective lives of family, work, work-out and fun together

Thank you all at the exercise that has made my life healthier, my osteoarthritis and thyroid issues have significantly reduced, more active and definitely more meaningful.


A special note of gratitude and appreciation to the present crew of trainers and physiotherapist. No effort or time has been spared by these wonderful people to attend to all our and specially my, immediate or long time needs.

I believe becoming member at contours and the exercise we do has been one of the best decisions of my life. I wish everyone at contours Jayanagar the very best in work, health and life

Shailla. Anand- Contours, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


11 Jun, 2015


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