Exercise is the best stress buster

Exercise is the best stress buster

My experience with Contours woman studio has been a long one. I walked into Contours five years ago with a constant weight issue and I was struggling. Through the years I’ve become more fit , more confident , and more flexible. Even though my weight loss has been up and down. I’ve always found that with constant exercise you lead to a fitter body and more strength in general.

Through my good days and my bad days I’ve always wanted to come to the gym , the best stress buster!! Contours is my happy place , it’s a place where you’ll find everyone having a good time and laughing.

The lovely trainers always greet you with a wide smile and a warm welcome. More importantly Tulsi , Sri Laskmi, Pricely, and Manisha are excellent trainers who always encourage and push us towards our goal.

Not to forget Our Rachna aunty (owner of the gym) who is always having a constant smile and is always available for any advice to the members.

And the biggest advantage of all is Contours being an all ladies gym , which gives you a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy yourself as you work towards your goal!!

Safia- Contours Ulsoor, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


31 May, 2016


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