Don’t lose your mind lose your weight

Want to lose weight and start a healthy lifestyle

I feel awesome after joining Contours HSR Layout. It totally changed my lifestyle. I discovered a new “ME’ here.
I am losing my weight meanwhile day by day I feel young. Because of my weight I was looking older than my age but now it is different.

I was 94 kgs (at the age of 28) when I started my weight loss journey on 4th March 2014. I started with portion control and 1 hour of exercise. I couldn’t do in the beginning and used to feel very exerted, but I didn’t give up. I made up my mind that I would not stop till I reach my goal. After weight loss I notice improved health, increased energy, more confidence, more activeness in me.

“Don’t lose your mind lose your weight”. Eating unhealthy food is like having an extra marital affair. It’s forbidden…and hence tastes good. On the other hand, healthy food is more than just a good marriage. The everyday faithfulness adds up to a lifetime of goodness.

Friends all of us will hit a plateau or stuck in one number for 2 to 3 months, don’t worry. “Never give up” keep trying definitely you will reach your goal

The trainers are very friendly and they will help you to their maximum.

Want to lose weight and start a healthy lifestyle. Then why late walk into Contours HSR. This is the right place to begin your journey. The one and only gym especially designed for a woman body.

Never compare yourself to anybody because it is insult to your ownself rather compare to yourself that you are better than yesterday. Because each body is unique.
Stay positive, the results will be positive. Love yourself and each other.

-Anupama Anand, Contours HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


01 Sep, 2015


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