Contours is women’s only gym-Ishita

I have never been a gym person in my life, until I joined Contours last August (2014). The 45-60 minutes I spend here every day involves activities like Body Sculpting, Zumba, Circuit Training etc which makes it so different than the other gyms since it breaks the monotony of doing the same workout every day. I really enjoy the gut wrenching Boot Camp sessions.

Within 4 short months, my enthusiasm had started to show in my physique and I lost some 8-9 kg’s. The credit definitely goes to the qualified trainers who are incredibly friendly and supportive. They guide you through everything, they give you diet charts, do diet counselling etc.

A wide variety of exercise equipment is available which specially works for women’s body. Since Contours is women’s only gym, I feel all the more comfortable exercising. The crowd is definitely very diverse, you can find a grandson and a teenager working out together. I am in my early 20s and i see exercise is for everyone. I have also made some incredible friends here.

The bottom line is, Not only did Contours make me motivated, flexible, a much healthier person than I was before but also this person who looks forward to going to the gym everyday from a person who once dreaded going to the gym. I’ll keep coming back and will recommend (and already have), them to my friends & family.

Thank You,
Ishita Bajpai
Koramangala, Bangalore

Chandra Gopalan


13 Jan, 2015


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