Contours has helped me internalize the meaning of fitness

I would attribute the improvement in my fitness to two main factors:

  • The design of the Contours program – circuit training combined with the carefully chosen and varied strength training routines.
  • The very capable and professional trainers who have helped me overcome my doubts every time a new exercise routine was started – gently nudging me to stretch a little more. Their focus is always on making sure that I am getting the right technique.

Gym time at Contours is a cherished time for me every day. Having lived a very hectic life with not much time to take care of my health, I am glad that I finally decided to join Contours last year. The well maintained tidy premises, the discipline in sticking to the planned routines, the environment of unstated expectation that members can always do better – all these make me think that becoming a Contours member has been one of my best decisions in the recent past.

Cheers and looking forward to a healthy life with Contours!!

– Padmini .S

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17 Jul, 2017


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