Friendly and motivating

Contours Friendly and motivating

Contours – Friendly and motivating

I have been a member of the Contours gym for nearly 3 years now. Read the following reasons why one should look no beyond this gym:

1. Trainers / Staff
The trainers, Ponkhi (also the manager), Aparna and Sarasa are some of the finest trainers under whom I have trained. I find them very knowledgeable, always smiling, able, highly encouraging very friendly and motivating . This is half the reason why I come here! They understand the requirements of each member and guide accordingly. They are very approachable. The atmosphere is relaxed and puts me at ease to try even the hardest of exercises without having the slightest of doubts. They take the trouble to conduct the group sessions on time, even if there is only one person in the gym that hour.

2. Workout pattern
The workout has all the latest exercising techniques, newer variations of classics and just the right use of equipments. Even though they appear simple, are intense, power-packed and challenging for all fitness levels. The best part – I am never bored! I love the variety and the exercises are plain fun! That’s it…. They are super fun 🙂

3. Highly customisable
The instructors take time to understand my requirements. Both diet and exercises suggested are only after taking the body weight, BCI, BMR and other factors into consideration. When I hit the dreaded weight loss plateau, they took a whole alternate route to break it by suspecting water-retention and tweaking my diet accordingly (Thanks girls! It works). Even the work-out is tailored to fit our time (wow!)

4. Finally – results
In less than one month’s time, I have noticed much stronger muscles, improved flexibility, greater stamina and energy levels. My BMR has increased considerably, overall body fat% has decreased by 3%, visceral fat has decreased and (of course) inches have dropped. I no more do the exercises blindly, but am well aware which muscle group is being targeted when. I had very poor immunity and frequently would fall ill with migraine, sinusitis, stomach upsets, acidity, flatulence etc. Which have completely been cured in a month of (Regular :P) exercising. Not to mention, endorphin high equals happier me 🙂

I have begun to actually enjoy exercising and wake up every morning looking forward to my session at Contours. My search for the best gym has ended and I am a huge committed fan of this gym. A big thanks to Contours and good wishes!




Friendly and motivating

Warm regards,
Dr. Bhargavi R. – Contours Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


13 Apr, 2016


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