Compliments kept coming in.

Fitness and compliments go hand in hand. 

Quite a few things changed in my life after joining the gym.

  • Discipline
  • Obviously looks
  • Fit into old clothes
  • Compliments and so on

Best thing is when colleagues/ friends walk up to me and compliments and tell me I look very energetic, in good shape, etc etc, I feel on top of world, as after all the efforts it shows. I sleep on time and stopped eating junk and even workout on vacations. It is the great staff at Contours HSR and the change I see in myself drives me every day to the gym and I am loving it. The trainers are so helpful and friendly that take care what needs to be improved.

Now I have the liberty to tuck my shirt in when I go to work and I get so many compliments for that toned abs.

Recently a feedback was done here at Contours HSR. I gave frank feedback, within a week I saw that implemented. Hats off to the team here!!

-Prabha Reddi, Contours HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Chandra Gopalan


01 Sep, 2015


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