Achieve the aspired goals

Achieve the aspired goals

When I first stepped into Contours fitness Centre, I was very apprehensive. I was used to doing a little of aerobics and Zumba and had no idea as to how cardio-machine workouts, cardio-core workouts would be.

It just took me one day at Contours to decide what I should be doing to keep myself fit. Just enroll and start.

At Contours one can really achieve the aspired goals. It is clean, well equipped, maintained and also provides us with good music and perfectly friendly atmosphere. Fitness trainers are very well trained and teach us according to our necessities and limitations. They boost us and motivate us in every possible way.

Proper guidance is given regarding the kind of diet and exercise to be done. We are counselled well periodically and guided as per needed. Group classes are fun and intensive. Very useful information is pinned on the walls which will definitely help us in following necessary steps and also keeps us reminding of the Do’s and Don’ts. I would personally recommend Contours to all my friends and relatives.

Dr. Radhika- Contours HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Age- 39 Years

Chandra Gopalan


20 Jul, 2016


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