Swimming, dancing, gymming, I did it all and ate as much as I wanted to


All along I have led a wonderfully active life. Swimming, dancing, gymming, I did it all and ate as much as I wanted to, without any second thought. Over the years, especially towards the end of college and into my MBA, my schedule changed drastically with just enough time to study, eat and sleep. Inspite of going to a gym and working out daily, I gained 8kgs in a year and it was a shock to me as I had never been overweight up until that point in my life.

That was a reality check for me. I needed direction and wisdom on what I was doing wrong. That’s where Contours came in.

The circuit training, a combination of cardio and strength training and the nutrition program I was put on not only helped me shed weight but it gave me back my confidence, my focus, motivation and the most important thing… The faith in myself to never give up.

I started concentrating on my lifestyle, changed my sleeping and eating habits, I started being regular, working very hard and focused on both the gym and getting the most out of my workouts!

In a little over 8 months, I lost 10 kgs and weighed 52 kgs again. Contours had helped me hit my goal weight. The team at Contours has worked with me, investing time and understanding into my overall well being.

So if you’re looking to not only shed weight but get excellent guidance along the way by a training team that is genuinely vested in your fitness goals, please visit a Contours studio nearest to you.

It is my second home and it’s responsible for changing my life!