SuperSlow workouts and discriminant weight loss

SuperSlow inventor Ken Hutchins was the first person to ever explain the idea of discriminant weight loss.

He tells us to picture the human body as a corporation that is run by a board of directors. He tells us to assume that a body operating on a calorie deficit is like a corporation running at a budget deficit. Each of the body tissues could represent a different department within that corporation. He then presented two scenarios. In the first scenario there is a budget deficit and no department has any unusual demands. In this scenario layoffs can occur in all departments. So your body lays off some fat, some muscle, some bone and connective tissue, as well as nervous tissue . Your corporation (or body) becomes a smaller version of its former self. This is what happens when you try to achieve weight loss through fad diets. Eventually it leads to a shutdown of the corporation ( body) , leading to diseases and ill health

In the second scenario, there is a large demand placed on the muscle department( Through exercise). In this scenario, no layoffs can occur in the muscle department. Indeed, more muscle has to be hired on. This results in a larger layoff in the fat department. We cannot produce cutbacks in the bone or connective tissue department because we need their support because muscle is not helpful unless it is attached to strong bone by strong connective tissue. This means more fat has to be let go. We cannot lay off any nervous tissue, because our new muscle is useless unless it is innervated by new nervous tissue. This means more fat has to be let go. Under this scenario, all weight loss is shunted toward fat loss. In this scenario, your corporation (body) takes on a dramatic shape change. You have added a modest amount of shape-improving muscle and jettisoned a large amount of shape-ruining fat.  This is a healthier way to stay in shape.

SuperSlow workouts is a form of strengthening  popularized by Ken Hutchins. SuperSlow workouts involves the combination of very slow speeds of lifting and lowering the weight, along with the general principles of High intensity training. SuperSlow workouts consist of one set of each exercise carried out to complete muscle fatigue