Sports Value

I advocate health and fitness 24/7 in my gyms. About the goodness of being physically fit and nourishing your body. But ,taking fitness outdoors is a step better. Take up a sport, train to excel in it and get a totally different perspective to life

Discipline is one of the most effective tools that we can use to reach our goals. Sports teaches you that by applying will and discipline during training, one can excel in competitions. You get what you put into your trainings.
Ask a runner the value that her training has bought to her life. The value of a mere second, understanding failures , the incredible highs and lows. Every marathon runner goes through a low phase in her run. Training teaches her to push through the low phase. It teaches her that this phase is temporary, not to give up. Prod through the low and you will hit a high again. Pretty much like what happens in our lives. Fight it out when the going gets rough. Do not give up and you will come out a winner

Sports gives you that supreme confidence of having achieved something for yourself. Makes you mentally bright , sharp and cheerful. No problem is daunting or unsolvable. Tough training teach you that nothing is impossible. That ‘impossible’ is the language of the weak. It disciplines you to value time, be non judgmental about others, dream about the impossible and inspire others around you.

Most importantly, it teaches you that you cannot win all the time. You become a real ‘sport’