Sleep disorders in women and how to beat it

Sleep disorders can lead to poor concentration and irritability. It can sap you of all energy leaving you depressed and with little will power to do anything

Why do we lose sleep ? Common causes are stress, depression, medication and aging

But in the case of women,  hormonal and biological factors play a big role.

  • During menstruation, before and after sleep can be impaired due to the ovulation process
  • During pregnancies, physical and hormonal changes can affect sleep. The third trimester is particularly difficult due to leg cramps and the discomfort of the added weight
  • Menopause brings about a lot of hormonal changes which can play havoc with your sleep

Some tips to reduce sleep disorders

  1. Try to sleep at the same time everyday. Do not alter your sleep pattern often. Your body starts adjusting to a particular pattern. This helps you sleep better
  2. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and heavy stimulants
  3. Have a light dinner. Avoid heavy meals late in the night
  4. Keep away from the internet when you return home from work
  5. Do not carry your worries to bed. Tomorrow is another day
  6. Sleep in a comfortable dark room with minimal outside noise
  7. Do NOT take sleeping pills to help you sleep. They stop helping after awhile

Sleep should be a priority for us.  Ideally, one third of our life should be devoted to sleep , to ensure better health in the remaining two third. Read more on Can sleep be cut short.

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by © Rolf Bruderer/Corbis