‘’Running my 10th Half Marathons in last 1 year plus, lost 30 kgs n still counting ‘’…

Well now that I have managed to grab your  eyeballs, lemme share my bit of journey…

Read on ..

My journey started on May 17 2014 ..It was one of those days when I woke up  feeling absolutely miserable, voices of my lil girl still resounding in my ears…’’Mumma, You were never like this before…You don’t look nice any more ‘’’

‘’Entering Motherhood is one of the beautiful phases in every womans life and I am sure everyone  cherishes it as much as I did the second time around‘’. My second child, my son Arhaan was born on 22nd November 2013 through a C- section… (Infact both my kids are born thru C-section)

Everything was beautiful…. ‘My lil girl, Siyona (6 yrs+ ) was ecstatic to have  a lovely sibling to play around with, I was enjoying the maternity phase all over again , a good break from my hectic work schedule, spending quality time with my family’ …till one day my daughter showed me some of the pictures of my heydays and some with her n me around when she was a lil baby herself…..her back n forth lingering glances from  ol’ pictures  to  my present avatar (where I weighed 82kgs) , said it all……ANNND i knew instantly…I HAVE a huge task cut out in front of me…

… I had to get back to my previous usual self ..… In my daughters words, What it meant for me was that ‘’I should look nice’’ J

The CHALLENGE: 30 KGS overweight : Oops how the heck did I get to this number? Did I indulge a bit too much? Where did I go wrong?. How do I now to go about cracking this herculean task of loosing oodles of weight….

THE DILEMMA : Starve yourself /Follow numerous fad diets  available online ..any adverse lasting effects…aah not too sure ?/ Hire a trainer/Yoga/Pilates…..Do what??

What Finally??and How I did it… …I knew from the beginning that whatever option I choose, I will stick to it , no matter how the progress is ,what mistakes I make along the journey,how hard the journey will be (Ahaa! Perhaps its my defence services background speaking.:))…After much deliberation n weighing some pros n cos on what physical activities /exercise I should pursue …( I have never been lazy sorts ,been active always ,if I could say so;)….I decided to become a ‘’gym rat’’..Literally yes!!… I hit the gym doing cardio five times a week..sometimes all  7 days without a single day of rest..… After some long strenuous workouts, I always to find ways n means to squeeze in some more physical activity here n there…I started taking stairs instead of elevators (Thankfully my home & my office are on higher floors 7th /8th floors) , so that worked out just fine..After coming back from office , I also used to ensure that after dinner,I do few  brisk rounds in the apartment complex  …felt it would just be right to keep the momentum going… It was hard, it was tough , it was draining on me, I felt like sometimes breaking down giving it all up when the needle didn’t budge!..But  somehow the ‘Inner voice’ just egged me on to keep going …On top of that I knew I had to stay focused on what I eat…. I cut way back on fried food, refined carbs, sweets and added in lots of fruits, veggies and lean protein with occasional ‘indulges ‘ here and there.(Early Dinner routine worked out for me).

.. After a few months of  non stop slogging out at gym I  was itching to break the monotony- the hum-drum routine of gymming ….I decided to give a try to  ‘running outside ‘….Sooner did  I realize that ‘running outside’ was far more of an exhilarating experience than running on a conveyor belt…it was an instant addiction!! there’s just something surreal about connecting with mother nature while you are stomping your way out…it made me feel totally invincible… little did I realise the miles just flew by when you are out in the open v/z indoor running …plus it helps you get just the right experience amidst natural conditions……Initially the transition was not easy but ever since I tried am hooked onto outside running …

.A few months later, I decided to run my first ever ‘10k at KTM on September 19 2014’…Finished in 1 hour 21 minutes…Was feeling Accomplished, Overjoyed, Over the moon, Jubliant…I can go on n on! … …Started to feeling positive that its actually aiding my weight loss journey…I started from short distances and jumped on to consecutive Half Marathons!! Not 1, Not 2…10 Half Marathons in a span of 1 year plus.. I almost started loosing 3+Kgs every month..…I realised that I was loving the discipline running was giving me. ..Even when I didn’t feel up to it, if I was making time to run, It helped me elevate my mood when I was down,helped me to take control of my life and my body. And of course, there’s more than runner’s high — there’s finish-line high… no better feeling than raising your hands as you cross the finish line to the sound of hundreds of spectators cheering !!

I was determined , I was focused, I was positive and truly believed ‘’ that nothing is impossible’’.Nothing comes easy in this world, you have to work hard to earn it…You’ve got to be setting example for others… Clichéd as it sounds but yes… All we have to do is ‘’’’Just get up and go!’’’Push yourself !!.Challenge yourself !!As they say …’’You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them’’!

So here I stand with my accomplishments : 8 -Half Marathons,  2 -Ultras 25kms ,3 -10ks with countless practice sessions /trainings thrown in the last 1 year plus..

My Personal best has been in ‘Melbourne Medibank Half Marathon’’  of 2:12 on 18th Oct 2015 (as against my first HM in Bengaluru Marathon of 2hr 50 mins on 19th Oct 2014)  and PB in 10 k of 1.03( 22nd Feb 2015 Pinkathon)

For every run, I have shown some gradual improvements which means a lot to me because I did this all  pretty much on my own without proper coaching, training  just with a sheer resolve to prove a point to myself that …I can and will try my best to give a shot at it!!

So here was  a moms story….from being overweight….to being a confident ‘NEW ME.’..From being a ‘’Non Runner to a Runner’’..

Regular exercise n healthy eating is a part of my lifestyle today….It has evolved into my take on healthy living, which involves healthy eating, exercise, indulgence in moderation and spending time with family and friends.

My Support System: My family –My inlaws/My Parents/My Hubby /My beautiful kids..

This accomplishment that came through wouldn’t have been possible without the great support of my family members..My Mother in law who has been wonderfully taking care  (single handedly as my hubby works out of Australia on a long term assignment) of my lil toddler/my brat  while I was out chasing my dreams..My parents back home who are always encouraging and motivating to push beyond and make it happen ,who are always beaming with pride when I flaunt a hard earned medal after every race I complete ..My hubby, Nitin who is a runner himself ,been very supportive of my endeavors, my transformation journey all along..Always reassuring n  encouraging ‘’You are going in the right direction but don’t to be too hard on yourself ,I like the way you are!! ‘’’hmm isn’t that sweet of him to say J   and , My son (2 years plus now) always greets me with a smile when I come back home  , thinking  I had gone to oppice (read officeJ).. My beautiful daughter whose naïve remark of ‘’Mumma you don’t look nice anymore’’made me sit up and had me springing into action before it got too late! …love you babes!!! ..Lastly I owe this to myself for my hard work, my will power, my discipline , my strong resolve that I can achieve it come what may!! Nothing ever comes to one,that is worth having,except as a result of hard work’’ Booker T Washington.

Some Useful tips :.. Remember that we don’t have to be perfect to lose weight…Progress can be sometimes painfully  slow, can be disappointing, …We can go off track.!! We feel like a loser sometimes somewhere along the journey,….Its completely OK…..All you have to do is connect with real people , be a part of their real stories..get inspired , Do the ‘unthinkable’…However in the the whole process don’t forget to love yourself, treat yourself….Reward yourself….’’ The scale is only a small indicator of what weight loss really means. Being healthy means living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

I have so many people now coming up to me asking for tips on my transformation and one question they keep asking me why do I Run??

Herez my reply to them… I run’’ to explore, to unwind,to push beyond….I run for the sheer joy it brings…I run coz i know I can and I will :)’’

Its never too late to run , if this mom who after having kids can embark on a fitness journey in 30s….so CAN You!!!

What next: Will try a Marathon ….Am I ready for this? I dunno  …Don’t we all love challenges 😉 Bring it on I say!

Rithu _ half marathons

– Ritu Bhatia Gupta