I have stopped believing in luck. Life is in part all about how much you bring to the table. How do you portion control your life? How much are you willing to push yourself to go the distance to ensure you’re at your prime? Long distance runners are often asked, “How do you run such distances?” Truth be told, we are not particularly gifted or lucky. Nobody sees the months, days and hours of training that go into running every single or ultra-marathon. We sleep early and get up at hours when many folks are returning back from their parties. We become ‘boring losers’ with practically no friends outside of our running groups. We work hard, pushing ourselves with single minded focus and that’s how we succeed on the track and off it.

Do not quit when you are down. Running a marathon is a tough challenge. At some points in our runs, we hit crazy lows, when the body just refuses to move. It’s easy to give up and quit the race. But with every training run, we know that for every low, there’s a high that’s right around the corner and that we need to hold on and refuse to give up.

Break your target run into smaller bits. A marathon is 42 1kms. It can be daunting to visualize this distance. If we break it down, we are really running only 10 kms at a time. Smaller goals don’t seem as daunting as compared to viewing the full distance as a looming Goliath.

We are all not meant to finish. We need to be at peace if things don’t go according to our plan or desire. There are many people who give up during a marathon. Maybe it was not part of their life’s plan to finish. Maybe there were other areas of their life that need more tending to. It always reminds me of the story of Kevin Systrom who applied for a job at Google. He was turned down several times. That didn’t stop him from pushing through and developing an app for putting filters on photos and calling it Instagram- Today, we all know how that story panned out.