The road blocks to achieving weight loss

We see women battling with weight issues everyday. Some succeed in shedding the excess weight and keeping it off, some succeed but put it back on after awhile and some do not succeed at all. For the ones who are unsuccessful, the barriers can be quite a few- Emotional, physical or situational.

Emotional barriers are lack of motivation, fear of failing, unable to alter lifestyle

You want to shed the excess weight but you lack the discipline, hard work and motivation to do it. This could also be because you have set a very high goal. It helps to split it into smaller numbers and achieve it as you progress step by step. Particularly for the ones who have put the pounds back on, negativity and the fear of failing becomes a big barrier. In such situations, you tend to blame your life , job or circumstances instead of taking responsibility for your failure. Positivity and enjoying the process goes a long way towards success. Do not obsess about the excess weight. Be patient, positive and energetic.

Situational barriers can be hectic work life, erratic eating due to lack of time, too many client lunches and dinners or simply lack of support from your loved ones. Take control of your life. Cut back on work, make time for exercise, nutrition and friends. Learn to live life on your terms

Physical barriers can be medical problems, injuries etc.  If you have hormonal imbalances , PCOS and other issues, get them treated. Exercise helps normalize a lot of these issues. Fatigue can be a big impediment to weight loss. The common cause is that people deprive nourishment to the body . They feel that the less they eat, the higher their chances of weight loss. This only leads to fatigue and weight gain. Physical barriers can easily be overcome

Luck has no role to play. Hard work and discipline goes a long way