Raise your level of training in your workout

We often see our members put in a “check-in” status at the gym on social media, turning up at the gym and letting your friends know that you are working out is a good idea. But do you have a plan for the day’s workout ? Does your gym have a plan for you ?

1. Start your workout with some standards set for the day. Eg – I will push harder today, I will finish the entire workout in 45 minutes etc. Focus your mind on pushing your body, not just exercising it

2. Don’t just walk into the gym and do what feels right. Know  which body parts you are training, what exercises you are doing, in which order you will do them, and how many repetitions and sets of each you will perform.

3. Set a time limit. Your workout is more efficient when you take minimal rest between sets. Workout hard, not long

4. Start with 5-10 minutes of hard cardio . It should leave your heart pounding. This not only serves as a warm up but it also helps transition your mind from work / home mode to workout mode.

5. Your mind is incredibly powerful, focus it. There is a big connection between your mind and your muscles. To make it to the next level of training, you need to harness the power your mind has over your muscles.