Premature aging?

You are as old as you feel- how often have you heard this? This is not entirely true. You are mainly a reflection of what you put into your body. We all know that a positive cheerful attitude goes a long way in making you feel younger than you are. But a large part of the way you look is attributed to the food you eat

Your appearance is linked to your inner health. One of the primary ways to avoid premature aging on your skin, face, bones, energy levels and mind is to avoid Sugars and excessive carbohydrates.. So how do sugars work on us ? . It is vital to know what insulin is. It is something we all have as without it we would go into a hyperglycemic coma and die. But nearly all of us have high insulin levels. Carbs and sugars lead to immediate rise of insulin in the body and higher glycogen storage in the muscles. This leads the body to use the glycogen for energy instead of stored fat. Worse still, the excess carbs are stored as fat in the body leading to weight gain and obesity. This starts a chain of problems like ill health, lethargy, body pain, bloating  etc making you look and feel older than your age

Forget the colas, pastries, potatoes and fries. Eat healthy balanced meals of complex carbs, proteins and good fats, be physically active, think positive, sleep well and enjoy every moment of your life looking and feeling young


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