Post pregnancy belly ?

If fitness is a priority for you, I believe you will make time for it, however hectic your day may be.

Once you adapt a fitness routine that works for you, you can extend it to your pregnancy period, albeit with a little less intensity. It is a fact that most women who exercise regularly go through a smooth pregnancy period with little or no complications at all. If you stay active during your pregnancy, your shape does not alter excessively . Pregnancy is a natural process and there is no need to stop being active

Now let’s focus on women who do not exercise regularly. Not only do you put on  an enormous amount of weight during pregnancy, but you would probably be saddled with a complication which may require you to rest up in bed for the rest of your pregnancy.

Baby arrives soon . But you continue looking pregnant after your baby is born. It takes months for your belly to recover fully from a pregnancy. Imagine your belly like a balloon which inflates as the baby grows. When the baby is delivered, the balloon does not pop but starts leaking slowly. But it’s a steady one. Give yourself time and don’t be hard on yourself

The speed and degree largely depends on your normal body size, how much weight you gained during pregnancy , how physically active you were and your genes. Women who are fairly active during their pregnancy, who gain less than 12 kilos and who breastfeed actively post delivery are likely to slim down quickly

Pregnant woman exercising on exercise ball

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Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed: Breastfeeding burns an enormous amount of calories, its great for the baby and you, its inexpensive and its very convenient.

Get back slowly to active lifestyle. Just doing an enormous amount of crunches is not going to give you a flat belly. You need high cardio, total body workouts and healthy nutritious food to get back your belly shape. Facts about Muscle tone and shape that every woman should know

Muscle tone that every woman should know