No achievement is big or small

Recently, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I was invited by an organization to give away awards to 8 women achievers who had overcome all odds to become path breakers.

Standing in front of them and talking about my own achievements felt trivial. It made me feel very uncomfortable to be put on a dias in front of such illustrious women. When I sat down to reflect on why I felt inadequate, I realized that each one of them was not just an achiever. They were influences

And therein, lies greatness. We are all capable of achieving great things. No achievement is big or small. But how many of us are able to touch other’s lives through our achievements? One woman was responsible to get street children off drugs and other vices and educate them to become responsible citizens. Then there was another, who recycled paper to make beautiful envelopes, bags and other intrinsic items. She has enabled her maid , domestic help etc to work with her, enabling each of them to take home four figure incomes. The stories came tumbling out making me go lower and lower in my seat.


I realize that inspiring others through your own achievements is not about telling them what to do. It is empowering them to do the right thing. Trusting that they will do the right thing. Its about changing lives and influencing others beyond your wildest expectations

Chandra Gopalan
Contours India