The need to over eat

The need to over eat, over drink, over indulge is never more prevalent than during vacations. Perhaps we allow excess during holidays as it promises us a good time and happiness. After all, pleasure seeking is a main motivator of human behavior. And then comes the inevitable guilt after the food coma.

You don’t have to fall into this trap. Here are some tips to keep the calories from piling on to your waist

Divert your attention– Don’t think of your vacation as a food/ alcohol party. Enjoy spending time with family and friends, take in local sightseeing, play cards, swim, dance – whatever gives you pleasure. Food is always available but precious time away from work should be nurtured

Beat the buffet spread– take the small dessert plate and stack it up with food you enjoy. But limit yourself to a single small plate only at every meal

Limit alcohol intake– If you drink a lot, you also end up snacking a lot. This is a known fact. Have your alcohol very slowly and limit it to just a glass per day

Limit the desserts– that small plate should include a piece of dessert too. Your favorite one. But just that small piece

Increase your physical activity– Walk a lot, swim, play  tennis, golf, go scuba diving. A vacation is about enjoying activities you cannot normally due to time constraints. You need not exercise at a gym while on vacation. But cycling and walking around itself will give you a good amount of calorie expenditure. It’s the best way to see local sights too

Vacation weight seems to be the easiest way to pile on the pounds. Who said life is fair ?

Need to over eat